Quick pregnancy update…

We just decorated the baby’s room, and my husband’s family is flying in from Boston this weekend for his cousin’s wedding in La Jolla. Exciting times for sure 🙂

Have you ever experienced a moment in your past, where you felt shame because you took yourself out of the game?

Do you ever feel like you’re still struggling to build or grow your business, and that you have some resistance still in the way?

Or maybe you think you should be farther ahead then you are by now, and your competitors are building a meaningful 6 or 7 figure business faster then you.

If so I think you’re really going to love my latest video and today’s episode, where

I share something really personal that tormented me my entire life…

watch the video now and get the insider scoop

At the 4:54 mark if you get this one thing from this video it can shift everything, and it’s the difference from being an amateur or a pro.

Enjoy and talk soon!



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