Most people never believe me, but the first time I pressed record on a video camera, I was terrified

I had spent almost 10 years BEHIND THE CAMERA, working as a Make-up Artist helping others look good.

As a self-professed introvert, it made sense for me to be behind the scenes, helping others. I enjoy my privacy, and to be completely honest, have suffered from an anxiety disorder that made me very nervous about putting myself out there.

But after years of helping others on a small scale, I wanted to believe there was a way to make a larger difference in the world.

I also wanted to create a business that would let me work on my terms, travel at the drop of a hat, and make the money that I wanted to make. (be careful what you wish for)

My years as a make-up artist taught me that one of the keys to creating success quickly was creating an image and brand that gets you noticed. In addition to knowing the right thing to say, you have to create a persona that positions you as an authority. And it was my dream to share this with my clients.

At first, I went the traditional marketing route. Went to events. Made contacts. Created my email list and funnel. I did a lot of what we call “hours for dollars” type of work, which helped me make a decent lifestyle, but not the kind of freedom I was looking for.

I studied with the gurus. I tried every marketing trick in the book.

And while I found some success, I had yet to find a way to truly take my business to the level I knew it could be, where I could reach more people and make more money.

A single decision forever changed my life.

I decided to put myself on camera.

This is one of my very first video’s… 🙂

(Remember, I’m a self-professed introvert with a history of social anxiety and fears of putting myself out there).

Not because I wanted to.

But because I knew, deep in my gut, that it was the best way to grow my business.

I’ll be straight and tell you that it wasn’t perfect the first time out (The lighting was terrible and I had to do 20 takes. At times it was downright painful).

And I truly wish I had some support to let me know the best way to not only look good on camera, but how to create a powerful online presence that inspired my ideal clients.

But I know in my heart that taking that first brave leap into the unknown, and being willing to put myself out there started me on the path towards studying, and eventually mastering video.

I’ll tell you that this one decision changed my life.

This one decision created a domino effect that forever changed my life and brought me here to you, right now, in this moment.

I’m here to tell you that the parts of you that you think are liabilities, are in fact your greatest assets.

You can take your biggest setback and turn it into your biggest comeback, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales, utilizing video in my business.

Through my own trial and error I’ve discovered a truly powerful, proven and time tested formula for creating video that brands you as an expert, connects you with your ideal clients, and leads to more sales.

It’s a formula I’ve taught on-line to hundreds of clients, and in private to my one- on-one mastermind and consulting clients.

It’s how I help my clients to create video platforms that quickly double your sales, and triple your traffic.

And while video is part of the equation, the reality is that creating a powerful personality brand and business comes from having a complete strategy that acknowledges your gifts, your blessings, and then helps you monetize it.

Because the one thing I’ve truly discovered is that the larger your brand, the more powerful your platform, the more people you can help and the larger difference you can make in this world.

The truth is that I’m truly tired of seeing hard working entrepreneurs who have real God given gifts and talent stalling on growing their business strategically, making videos and leaving real money, new clients and true transformation on the table.

It’s why since launching my business I’ve been blessed to be invited back to speak on the world’s top stage’s with some of the biggest names in the industry like Tony Robbins, and many more.

It’s why I host and hold sold-out events in San Diego, to help you learn how to build your brand and most importantly monetize it.

It’s why I mentor and support visionary leaders to help them build and grow their own 6 and 7-figure businesses, increasing their sales, and conversions rapidly.

It’s why I continuously look for ways to stretch myself, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and serve as a transformational role model for those I want to help.

I’m looking to help you get there faster, and to become my next success story.

To help you walk through your fears and find your breakthrough so you can have the transformation you’re looking for and become the visionary leader you were meant to be.

So the only question is: will you walk along side of me?

Business & Marketing Strategist Maria Andros Buckley, is recognized as one of the World’s Leading Authorities and Expert’s in Sales Conversion, and Attracting Clients Through Automation. Maria has been named as one of the Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs.

Maria is the creator of Six Figure Video Impact, Five Figure Conversations, and Webinar Freedom Formula, her flagship program’s.

The success of her online ventures has created a celebrity-like following resulting in over a million video views, over 120,000 social media followers & email subscribers, and millions of dollars in sales.

Maria has been blessed to invited to be a Guest Expert Speaker speaking on the world’s top stage’s, such as Tony Robbins Business Mastery, and many more.

As a trusted adviser to her clients, Maria empowers entrepreneurs & service based professionals to grow profitable businesses. Maria shows you how to make money without working yourself to death.

Discover how to automate your business with tools like video, Facebook live TM, webinars, and online digital programs, to create massive passive income.

The truth is yes there’s a lot of ways to make money, but why hustle when you can automate and have more time for what matters most.