Empowering Words From Amazing Visionary Leader’s & My Clients…

“Maria Andros voted one of the Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs”

– Michael Dunlop

“In under 30 days I added more than $75,000 to my marketing business using Maria’s techniques.”

– Brian Williams

“Since I joined Maria’s mastermind, after a month of just implementing one strategy I made $10,000 in a week. I also started my first mastermind, which became a real success. I have 50% conversion on my free strategy session and am about to launch my first live event. I implemented more in a year than in the past 2 to 3 years combined, and will have my best year ever.”

– Biba Pedron

“We generated over half a million dollars in sales from a single, small live event.”

I was dreading my upcoming live event because I didn’t have very many people registered and I knew I needed to make a high end offer to keep the event from being a big money loser. However…

I wasn’t sure how to create or structure the offer in way that would make folks step up in a huge way. I spent a morning with Maria and she helped me map out my program offer and the main things to focus on while making that offer from stage.

From a room of 35 people, I had 12 people apply to join my $55K mastermind. Over 1/3 of the room wanted in and we generated over half a million dollars in sales from a single, small live event.

Thank you Maria! I’m forever in your debt.

– Christian Mickelsen

Christian Mickelsen

“It turned out to be one of the best investments I made in my business! I had 3 really great Six Figure Video Launches with my products.

It’s very step by step, easy to do, not too technical stuff. My mailing list went from 8,000 to 14,000 and I had three really great Six Figure Launches with my products. ”

– Christine Kane

“Before working with Maria I was spread out making $100 an hour as a life coach, yoga teacher and network marketer. I joined Maria’s mastermind and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have so many new clients, I have over 30 videos on the front page of google,

I’ve made over a hundred thousand dollars in less then a year and from charging $100 an hour to five figure clients.”

I could never have done this without working with Maria.”

– Camden Hoch

“The most important number is that I made $24,000 in just 3 weeks, but here’s some other of the ‘greatest hits’:

  • I Sold out my seminar using pre-launch and launch videos.
  • I went from 1,000 Twitter followers to 17,000 Twitter followers in 3 months
  • Several of my Seminar attendees found me through Twitter
  • Google Analytics – traffic to my website is up 400 % in last 3 months
  • Alexa ranking went from 1.5 million to 630,000
  • YouTube: had 200 views on one video over 7 months before SMTB – now have 4,000 views in 4 WEEKS on one of my videos and 1,100 views on another.

Thanks Maria!”

– Tania Gabrielle

“The work I’ve been doing with Maria is absolutely changing my career. If you’re a woman entrepreneur who’s really wanting to get your message out into the world, to have just the right people coming to you using videos and working with Maria Andros is the only way to go.”

– Gina Devee

“I now I have a product, a website and a list of over 1100 people.”

“Maria Andros has helped me transform my personal and professional life with her program. I had NO product, NO content, and no idea what I was going to do before.”

– Jill Stevens

“I now have over 300 new students and client’s from over 25 countries.

I have over 5700 hundred subscribers and almost a million views to my youtube channel, which is unheard of in my industry. My husband had so much fun refreshing the paypal button from our product launch, where we made over $20 000 in one day. Just do whatever Maria tells you to do and you will get results.”

– Michelle Stewart

“Maria is just awesome, she gives and gives and gives away all her “little secrets”. I highly, highly recommend you participate in one of her programs and attend one of her live events.”

– Bosmat Sky

“She was worth the investment x 20! We have an entirely new brand now and a coaching business that has produced MULTIPLE Six Figures since hiring Maria, that we never thought was possible.

Maria is a genius. The formula is so simple yet so effective. She has this intuition, and she can tell you exactly where you are in your business and where you need to be to get to the next level. If you’re looking at Maria, do not hesitate to hire her, she know’s what she’s doing.

Thank you Maria, we want to be clients and friends of yours, for a long, long time.”

– Jessica Higdon

“We invested in Maria’s coaching, it was quite an investment and it was absolutely worth it.

I give this my highest recommendation to anyone looking at her coaching.”

– Ray Higdon

“Maria is a complete ninja when it comes to the skills, necessary to be able to brand yourself.”

Whatever she offer’s, my suggestion to you is get it. You’re not going to be unhappy with your decision. She pours herself into her clients and students like I haven’t seen anybody else really do.”

– Eric Worre

“We got on the first page of google beating 70,000,000 competing sites.”

– Rochelle Veturis

“I first met Maria at a Tony Robbins Seminar, where she was speaking, It doubles your income, it brings so many more sales.”

I’m now in her Mastermind. It’s quick, it’s fast and it’s easy to learn. Join her she’s worth every penny that you will invest with her.”

– Ruby Polanco

“Maria Andros is surely one of the HOTTEST Social Media Guru’s!”

– Yaro Starak

“Maria has one of my mentor’s for many years. So much love and respect for her. I’ve seen amazing results with Maria’s techniques. If you want to get to the next level in your business you definitely want to get connected””

– Molly Dalbec

“I flew all the way from the Middle East to attend one of Maria’s Live events, and it’s been absolutely life changing. I’m so grateful.”

– Rachel O’Brien Edy

“I’ve been a student of Maria’s for several years now. The Omega Institute emailed me and invited me to teach for them from a video launch they saw me do.That’s only one of the great things from doing video and it’s fun.”

– Jena Laflamme

“Maria walks her talk, and has my trust. I retired twenty something years ago and lost my purpose. Through the guidance of Maria and our Mastermind I found my purpose again. She put value into my life. Thank you Maria.”

– Bill Carpenter

“You need to know what Maria knows because she has cracked the code on video, and we do tons of video. I can tell you this woman is the ultimate subject expert. You need to work with her, you need to get a hold of her. Take action now!”

– Ira Rosen & Cory Sanchez


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