Visionary Leader Elite Coaching

Add Multiple Six or Seven Figures To Your Business & Bottom Line This Year, And Be Seen As The Visionary Leader You Are

Each year I take on 3 Visionary Leader Entrepreneurs to take part in my Elite Coaching Program.

This is my most exclusive hands-on offering for those men and women who want to grow faster without any excuses. We’ll cover everything you need to create and design your million dollar brand platform, a strategy to quickly increase your sales, launch your high-ticket masterminds, and or make multiple six-figures+ from your live events in a weekend, and much more…

Due to the personal interaction and access to Maria, she accepts only a very limited number of Elite clients every year to join her at this level. This is the most in-depth private consulting specifically for your business to see multiple 6 figure and or 7 figure returns and business momentum.
Acceptance is by application only, and applicants must have made at least $300,000 (with income verification via a certified accountant)

“We generated over half a million dollars in sales from a
single, small live event.”

I was dreading my upcoming live event because I didn’t have very many people registered and I knew I needed to make a high end offer to keep the event from being a big money loser. However…

I wasn’t sure how to create or structure the offer in way that would make folks step up in a huge way. I spent a morning with Maria and she helped me map out my program offer and the main things to focus on while making that offer from stage.

From a room of 35 people, I had 12 people apply to join my $55K mastermind. Over 1/3 of the room wanted in and we generated over half a million dollars in sales from a single, small live event.

Thank you Maria! I’m forever in your debt.

– Christian Mickelsen |

Christian Mickelsen

See What Other Visionary Leaders Are Saying About Coaching With Maria…

“She was worth the investment x 20! We have an entirely new brand now and a coaching business that has produced MULTIPLE Six Figures since hiring Maria, that we never thought was possible.

Maria is a genius. The formula is so simple yet so effective. She has this intuition, and she can tell you exactly where you are in your business and where you need to be to get to the next level. If you’re looking at Maria, do not hesitate to hire her, she know’s what she’s doing.

Thank you Maria, we want to be clients and friends of yours, for a long, long time.”

– Jessica Higdon |

“We invested in Maria’s coaching, it was quite an investment and it was absolutely worth it. I give this my highest recommendation to anyone looking at her coaching.”

– Ray Higdon |

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