Have you ever felt like you’d like to charge more for your services or create a high level package?

In today’s short episode I want to give you “3 Simple Steps you can put to work for you right away so you can stop trading your time for dollars.”

The Biggest mistake I see talented entrepreneurs make, is not realizing the VALUE they already have.

If you’re charging hourly you can tap out or burn out.

The truth is this type of business model isn’t scalable…

We also do our clients a disservice by only charging “hourly”, especially if they’ve had their problem for a long time.

Make sure to play close attention at the 3:15 mark where I share something that can really help you.

This can be the different between attracting nightmare clients, or your ideal clients who are willing to do the work to get the result.

Please make sure to leave me your comment below the video, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Enjoy the video!



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