One of the biggest questions I get from our clients is…

“Maria how do I create a free gift that’s seen as valuable for my website, to get people to optin, so that I can grow my list?”

Creating quality content is not as difficult as you think. I used to have a complete block with creating content.

It took me months to get over it. Underneath it all actually was my fear of being visible.

What we want to do when creating valuable content, especially for your website optin is to give away some of our best stuff.

You might be thinking “But Maria, if I give away my best stuff, what will I have left to sell, what if they don’t want to buy my product?”

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If you can give away some of your best kept stuff, it can be very positive.

Here’s where it get’s counter intuitive.

One of my mentor’s, partner’s, and friend’s Eben Pagan say’s most people are trying to get $1 from a million people online.

Instead, what if you were to offer $100 worth of value for free and then go back to those same people and ask them for $10 in return.

What difference do you think that would make in your sales in your business?

So let’s get started on creating your free gift, shall we…

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First impressions are everything, and if you get this wrong it can cost you leads.

Here’s how to solve this problem.

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Remember to claim the wealth you’ve been looking for, there’s only one place to look: Inside yourself.

You have the talent.

God’s given you the gift.

You do the work.

The answer is always you.




PS: I would love to hear what your biggest takeaway is from the training, and the ONE thing you can implement right away. See you on the other side.

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