Do you know what is the biggest reason why most people fail to start using video in their marketing or procrastinate in consistently creating videos that grow their business?

You’d think it was fear of being on camera. Or perhaps it’s the fear of not being technical enough.

Or maybe it’s looking, or sounding stupid. It’s actually none of these.

The REAL reason most people don’t have a video strategy that makes real money in place is because they don’t plan out their marketing videos in advance.

Sure, it’s great to shoot spur of the moment videos that you can share your thoughts, but if you’re busy like me (very busy, with a 2-year old, a second on the way, a move to a new coast, Florida baby, and the running of a business), preparing in advance will not only make your life easier, it will guarantee that you can plan, shoot and actual launch content on an on-going basis.

Let me share what I recommend and one of the BEST ways to easily, and quickly solve this problem.

No more procrastination, overwhelm, or putting it off until tomorrow, (because we both know someday never comes.)

Have you ever secretly wanted to create videos but when you get down to it, it feels overwhelming?

Maybe you don’t know what to say or talk about in your video, or the thought of turning on that little red record light freaks you out.

One of the BEST ways to overcome procrastination, analysis paralysis and to make real progress is to batch your videos.

Batch your videos and film at least 4 videos in one shot, in a one day shoot.

It’s exactly what I do.

I once even filmed 17 videos once over a 3 day shoot while 7 months pregnant with our son Luke, so if I could do that, so can you.

At the start of each month, I think through what types of high value content I want to share with my audience.

I’m not speaking about just sales videos, but high content video that showcases your authority and expertise and builds strong rapport with your audience.

I start by making a list of what I’d like to teach, any programs I am launching, or video sales pages I need to launch, then I schedule the time to write out scripts for each one.

I do it all once and chunk that time so i’m more productive and less scattered.

Once the scripts are written, I shoot them all at once.

Yes, I may have to change outfits, or change my lipgloss (although most people won’t remember anyway), but I find that if i’m able to do them all at once, they will be more likely to get done.

The best part? Now that i’ve shot them, I have months’ worth of content complete, and I can upload them one at a time, and even drip them out, once per week.

So how can you use this strategy to your advantage?

Simply by taking time to think ahead of what kinds of videos you might want to create you can plan in advance:

-how to videos and the top topics of interest your ideal clients want to learn

-seed any upcoming offers or programs you may be promoting

-share tips or nuggets that you think are valuable

-share case study videos, or testimonials

-three part video product launch & series

-video sales page

-comment on popular culture or current events

-talk about upcoming events you plan on attending

-share personal events about your life.

-books you recommend

Batch every video you possibly can. When you plan ahead and do it at a time that is not stressful, you’ll be more creative, more relaxed, more prepared, and will come up with better ideas.

Making this a habit literally almost forces you to become consistent, and to create killer content.

Because it’s NOT enough to only have one video, you need a series of videos that connect to your ideal client, and that grow your email list.

Plus, batching keeps you from feeling guilty that you’re not making enough videos, it saves you time, and from feeling stressed out.

Remember: You are enough, and have enough value inside of you already to create videos that help others.

Videos simply help you to get your message out to the masses, and to pre-qualify your buyers faster then any other medium. That’s what adding videos into your business does so beautifully, and elegantly.

So pick the date that you’re going to film, batch your videos, and go for it.

You’re ready!

I would love to hear from you. What did you like the most? Was this helpful, how can this technique help you to move forward in creating videos that convert?



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