Have you ever struggled with what to say in your marketing, and how to speak to that one ideal perfect customer?

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make is not spending time on figuring out who their ideal customer is?

I call this Marketing in the Dark… and guessing.

In today’s episode I share the exact questions you want to ask yourself to move past this and start figuring this out, so that you can start attracting the right and most ideal customer’s to work with.

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What would it be worth to you if your ideal customer felt like you’re literally reading their mind through your messaging? Like you’re explaining their problem better then they can.

How much influence and impact do you think you would you have?

You can go get the traffic, but if you’re not speaking to that ideal customer, you won’t get as many conversions.

The time spent on this will be your biggest R.O.I. in growing your business, and once you learn this, you can use this in your entire sales funnel, for years to come…

In my newest video at the 3:46 mark I share how to get really qualified traffic by surveying, and give you the RIGHT questions to ask.

You need to dig like a detective, and once you have this data everything changes.



PS Have you ever had a block of not knowing what content to create or how? You’ll want to pay special attention at around the 4:52 mark to solve this.

PPS I would love to hear from you in the comments section. I personally read each and every single one! What did you like most and learn from this training, from my Live Event?

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