I can still remember that day clearly, sitting at my kitchen table in my small one bedroom apartment in Vancouver, Canada – feeling stuck and frustrated. I had lost my passion, and joy. I knew I had to find a way out.

Does your life sometimes feel like that movie Groundhog Day? Some days you feel like you’re finally getting closer to your dreams.

Then something happens…

You hit a roadblock, someone in your life upsets you, or your business hits a plateau.

You start beating yourself up for not being a “happy” or “positive” enough person.

The good news is that I’m not going to sugar coat anything. I am not going to tell you that you have to be a Pollyanna – happy all the time. That would be unrealistic and inauthentic.

What I am going to share with you today are specific tangible principles that I’ve personally used in my life. These tools have created more money and miracles than I could have even dreamed were possible.

If you’re ready for your personal “shift”, then let’s get started!

We’re programmed from a young age to put our needs last, to be the “good girl” and to worry about everyone else first. Because of that, it’s easy to feel resentful, exhausted, uninspired, unhappy and confused.

My definition of mindset is simply, “making up your mind” that you’re not going to live that way anymore.

It is being willing to start trusting one of your own super powers, INTUITION, which is like your internal GPS guidance system.

Only you know what’s best for you and can decide that you’re now willing to step into being the radiant, beautiful woman or man that God made you to be, full of purpose, happy, loving life, powerful, generous and financially free.

Step 1) Reinvent Your Life

This is where you need to bring in CLARITY and get back in touch with what it is that really lights you up.

I want you to imagine you’re an artist and in front of you is a big white canvas. You can start over, there’s no past or future. This is your masterpiece just waiting to be created.

What is it that you really want? Not what you think you should want, or what society influences you to think you “should” have.

I want you to get radically honest with yourself and ask yourself the question “what would really make me feel alive, happy and fulfilled inside?” Is it an extra $2000 income working from home, or writing your first book?

Is it living in a home along the ocean, being in the relationship of your dreams, or having a baby?

When you allow and give yourself permission to have those desires, you’ll be in the flow and you’ll automatically start attracting more goodness into your life.

Action Step: Take a journal and write out your Top 50 desires on your “Wish List”. Remember only you can hold yourself back here, nothing is too big or too small, if it really lights you up. Have fun and get in touch with your heart. When you do you make the process even more powerful.

Step 2) Create a Vision Board

When I made my first vision board, I had no idea how quickly things would shift in my life. I never imagined that I would be living in sunny California along the ocean, and that I would have met the amazing friends and leaders that I’ve met. I would never have guessed in a million years that I would go on to inspire over a million people now through my videos.

Your mind works in pictures, we’re visual beings. The key here is to re-program your mind with images that match up and are in alignment with your highest vision for yourself and your life.

Images activate your subconscious mind. The most important part of a vision board is to pick pictures that make you feel as if you already have your desired outcome.

The next step is to pick affirmations, power words or phrases that inspire you.

I often like to say that your words create your world and that’s why saying this all out loud is very helpful in assisting you to start living into your vision and dream.

Here are some examples that you can borrow or make up your own.

I am in love and in the relationship of my dreams I am at my perfect weight and I feel great My business is growing and thriving I now make $2, 000,000 + per year online. I am irresistible.

Action Step: Buy a white poster board or cork-board and some magazines. Choose images that make you feel a positive or evoke emotion. Write out some affirmations and then type them on your computer, print them out and add them to your vision board.

Step 3) Remove Resistance

Resistance is one of the biggest challenges we face as human beings. It’s easy to put things off until tomorrow, or until “someday”.

While resistance can be very frustrating you can use it to your advantage to have breakthroughs and to create results in your life.

Whenever you feel resistance coming up, see where you feel it in your body. Is it in your stomach, in your chest? Just notice and be aware of it. You can even say “Hello fear, you’re safe here, what do you want to bring to my attention?”

What makes the resistance monster get out of control is when you ignore it, make yourself wrong or judge yourself.

So instead of doing that we’re going to take small steps every day – like take things off our “to do list”.

As you build momentum you will feel a sense of integrity within yourself, you’ll feel empowered instead of dis-empowered, and things will become a lot easier.

My mind has a tendency to race and sometimes it’s so bad I can barely sleep through the night. What I’ve found that’s completely helped turn that around is slowing down, prayer and or talking to my Life Coach and Counselor and or friends.

Action Steps: When resistance comes up don’t make it wrong, just feel it in your body and then choose one action step you can take to focus on. I also recommend finding a daily prayer practice that works for you, to help calm your mind so that you can have a sense of peace of mind and clarity and connect to God.

Step 4) Celebrate Your Wins and Victories

We’re taught by society to focus on our problems. The news is a perfect example of this with all the negative fear based messages being broadcast constantly.

You aren’t taught in school to love yourself, to celebrate your wins or to acknowledge your unique potential and gifts.

Instead society show’s us that it’s all about striving to do more, to get more, and to compare ourselves to others; which only robs of us of our energy, joy and power.

Let’s try on something different instead. How has focusing on your problems worked for you so far? If you’re ready for a shift in consciousness and a radical new way of being, then you’ll love this discipline.

Why not focus on what you’re doing right, and the progress you’re actually making in your life, even if you feel it’s too slow. It’s about training yourself to celebrate the every day small wins that can be the game changer for you.

The fastest way to create more money and miracles is to get into an attitude of gratitude. What you appreciate, “appreciates”. God can’t give you more if you’re not open to receiving more and thankful for what you have already.

So a simple thing you can do is to put your attention on what’s already working instead of what’s not working.

A great declaration I personally like to say is:

“Everything is unfolding perfectly…exactly how it’s supposed to.”

Action Steps: Make a list of your recent wins, maybe you were patient with a friend, you treated yourself to a pedicure instead of putting in overtime at work.

Celebrate all of this and as you do your self worth will go up and your net worth will rise.

It all starts with a choice. Everything you want is possible when you step outside your comfort zone.
Please let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you in advance.



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