You're In The Right Place.

 I can relate, because a little over 10 years ago that was me.

 I had no email list, no clients, no program of my own, no technical background, and no experience with video.

                                  I Knew I Was In Trouble And Almost Gave Up & Quit!

I only had 2 visitors visiting my website per day, and I knew that if I didn’t fix this FAST, there was no way I was going to be able to get to my goal of making $250,000 a year, in my business.

I was struggling to make money online, and didn’t have the money and experience to play russian roulette, or to gamble with expensive advertising.

I knew that I needed to find a solution, quickly.

                  I Discovered A Way To Drive Highly Qualified Traffic To My                 Website Without Having To Be Inauthentic, Or Sounding “Salesy”                                                         

I accidentally stumbled across a video on youtube talking about how I could attract qualified traffic for FREE with simple video and youtube. I learned how I could use my life “story” to create powerful influence, desire and trust almost instantly with my ideal clients, where they were ready to “buy credit card in hand.”                                                       

                                     A Single Decision Forever Changed My Life.

I decided to put myself on camera. 

Not because I wanted to, but because I knew that it would be the fastest way to get SEEN by my ideal clients.

The thought of putting myself “out there” on camera terrified me. I didn’t want to look or sound stupid in my videos, and I often compared myself to the other “guru’s”. 

I’ll be straight and tell you that it wasn’t perfect the first time out (The lighting was terrible and I had to do 20 takes. At times it was downright painful).

I’ll tell you that this one decision changed my life.

This one decision created a domino effect that forever changed my life and brought me here to you, right now, in this moment.

                                      It Worked! $100,000 in sales in just one hour…

To make a long story short, I launched and sold out my first program The Social Media Traffic Blueprint and generated $100,000 in less then 60 minutes of the cart opening.

I had 100 clients join me in the program, and no this was not some low ticket front end program either. 


                                 $250,000… A Quarter of a Million Dollars In Sales
  In Two Short Weeks With A Small Email List Of Less Then 3600 People

Did I mention that I did this with a small list of less then 3600 people? That’s pretty rare.

This wasn’t just some “one hit wonder” either, because I decided to re-launch the program four short months later, and that campaign generated over $150,000 in sales. (hence my nickname the Video Marketing Queen)

If I can do it, with good work ethic you can do it too.

  I’ve Been Able To Now Generate Millions Of Dollars In Sales With The                                                   Help Of My Videos

Today I have a business that has big impact, that serves clients all over the world, helping them to create a meaningful 6 or 7 figure business with video.

I’m blessed to be able to set my own schedule, and my husband and I have the freedom to travel at the drop of a hat, whenever we choose. Now that’s real security and leverage.

                In fact, adding video to your business and marketing is the                                                  FASTEST and BEST way to: 

-Be Seen as an INSTANT EXPERT online (and to ADD 6-figures to your bank account) All you need is your computer, your iphone, or camera, some inexpensive lights, and mic, and you’re all set to go!

-Grow your list, so that you can get your message out to the masses FASTER, as you attract a global audience

-Fill up your programs, make a BIG Impact while making BIG money, and reach millions…

-Attract more of your ideal clients who want to buy your programs, and have people chasing YOU, (instead of vice-versa)

-Get your videos ranked on PAGE ONE of the top search engines, (in as fast as 5 hours), so that you can stay way ahead of your competitors

--Build a meaningful 6 or 7 Figure business around YOUR values, family, and desired lifestyle

You step out from being an unknown, to being seen as a Visionary Leader, and someone that add’s value to other’s lives, in service.

         Having my video breakthrough has helped me to consistently attract new clients and fill up my $1K, $2K, $15K, $34K, & even $100K                          High Ticket coaching programs & packages

But here’s the catch… You might already know from first hand experience that it's not easy to get these kinds of results by just “winging it.”  Maybe you’ve tried creating a few videos, with little to no sales, or traffic to show for.

                        My Proven Step By Step System To             Create A Meaningful Six Figure (or 7            figure Business), By Simply Using Video


You’re not only going to learn how to generate FREE TRAFFIC with high-quality training videos, you’re also going to learn how to CONVERT that traffic into paying customers and clients using powerful sales videos.           

You see, there are actually TWO different formulas that you’ll be learning. Each formula is unique. One drives traffic, the other converts it.

       Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside        The Six Figure Video Impact Program


                      MODULE ONE: 
How To Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar &                                              Marketing Messaging Clarifier-

In this module you'll learn:

-My simple yet extremely powerful “Six Figure Survey Formula” and the exact questions to ask your prospects. Without this you’re guessing, and what I like to call “marketing in the dark”. You can use this everywhere in your videos, and even in your copywriting so that your ideal clients literally feel like you’re “reading their mind”. (Hint- This is one of the biggest KEY’S to my success)

-How to create an ideal client avatar profile, that has your ideal client “ready to buy credit card in hand.” You’ll quickly weed out the nightmare clients, and start attracting 10x more of your ideal clients, who you love to work with.

-How to create messaging with confidence, that actually has people “get what you do”, and that inspires more sales. This is literally the difference between amateur messaging, and “Fortune 500” company style positioning, and messaging.

-Exactly how to create and leverage “Your Super Hero Story” that you already have inside of you, in a way that does the selling for you. You’ll learn how to create instant connection, so that you can Influence faster then ever before.

-The million dollar mindset you need to have to get over any fears of making great videos. This ONE shift will help you to have your video breakthrough, and to help you to stop procrastinating, so that you can finally create real momentum in your business. 

                    MODULE TWO: 
Six Figure Video Framework Formula-
      “How To Have Your Prospects Literally Pre-Qualify Themselves”

In this module you'll learn:

My STEP-BY-STEP formula for designing and creating a captivating video that closes more sales and brings in new clients.

-You’ll learn my famous Six Figure video squeeze page script which will show you exactly how to create a website video that grows your email list, and converts up to 50%+.

-How to apply the Formula so that you effectively communicate the value of your offer, and so that you’re seen as an INSTANT EXPERT. (You'll NEVER sound salesy, inauthentic, or pushy again.)

-My EXACT scripts and advanced video copywriting secrets to know exactly what to say in all your videos. You’ll learn how to create short, simple videos that build rapid rapport, trust and desire. (this makes all of your marketing so much easier moving forward, and much more effective)

-How to fill your programs QUICKLY with videos, and have your prospects literally pre-qualify themselves. No more having to "think about it." Your ideal clients will be ready to invest with you in your programs, today.

              Module 3: High Quality Video Production-  “Confidently Make Videos That Showcase Your Best Self And That Convert (even if on a budget)”

A lot of people say Maria I don’t even know how or where to start with video production. How do you know what to say, how do you script your video, film it and publish it, so that you get in front of your ideal clients? I’m going to show you how to do all of this, and how to do it in a way that makes you look good, and that makes you sound like a professional, and a Visionary Leader.

In this module you'll learn:

How to create an apple style high quality looking video, even if you only have an iPhone.

-My specific step by step “How To Get Your Studio Set Up Technical Guide & Cheat Sheet”. You’ll know exactly how to set up a professional looking video studio in your home, even on a budget. Never fear, you’ll be in the know about the latest camera’s, best lighting, and microphone recommendations, to make you look and sound like a pro. (even if you're not technical, and even if you’ve never made a video before)

-Best editing software tips that save you time, so that you can get your videos up faster. The very best royalty free music resources for less then $20 that create connection, and an emotional response. (remember all sales are based on emotion, and justified with logic)

My simple “teleprompter short cut secrets” that literally can cut your production time in half.

Your videos will look like you’re being filmed by a professional videographer. (No more winging it, so that you’ll know exactly what to say, and you’ll look and sound confident as you do it)

And more!

                    MODULE 4:  Video List Building Strategy & Secrets-

       “The Secrets To Grow Your List Without Expensive Advertising”

Youtube is the 3rd largest website and #2 top search engine in the world…Imagine what you can do with all that new free traffic. 

In this module you'll learn:

How to build a highly qualified list, that wants to invest with you.

-My specific copy and paste “ SEO YOUR VIDEO” Formula so that you can get your video onto the front page of the search engines in as FAST as 12 HOURS, for your targeted keywords. (this alone is worth the entire investment into the program, when you think of all the money you’ll be saving on expensive advertising)

-How to target the best keyword’s for your niche, so that you can get more views to your videos, and stand out amongst the millions of competing websites. (Case Studies of clients with videos on Page One of Google)

-Setting up your youtube channel for massive success, and optimum conversion. You’ll learn how to spread your video all over the top social media sharing sites with just a few clicks of a button. (most people completely miss this step and it keeps them from really growing their video empire faster) 

-3 Secrets to creating powerful calls to actions in your videos, that builds your list, and has your prospects want to go to your website. (this helps many clients double or triple their optins)

And more!

               BONUS MODULE 5: “Six Figure Video Sales Page Videos That Sell,                        Without Having To Sound “Salesy" (value $1,000)

In this module you'll learn:

How to craft and create a video sales video that fill up your programs faster, and that makes your ideal clients want to sign up with you on the spot. (saving you time on not having to sell on strategy sessions all day long anymore)

My step-by-step formula, and video sales page fill in the blank template to convert 100% of exactly the RIGHT CLIENTS into your programs. You'll get actual swipe file to model from our very best sales pages, that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. (You’ll be able to download the template’s and swipe copy, and this is worth the entire investment into the program, just to have access to this)

The best and easiest software to use (perfect for beginners) so that you can have your video sales page up and running in as fast as 1 hour, and start making money. (you won’t have to spend a ton of money on programmers, or try to figure out complicated html coding)

How to create “outcome based languaging” and copy that sells, and inspires your clients to take action now. (this helps many people double or triple their sales conversion)

How to overcome objections quickly, and the best ways to create a sense of urgency for your ideal client to want to buy now.

And More!


                             Who Is This Program For?

                    This Program Is NOT For Everyone...

If you've ever felt frustrated because:

-You have no list, or you’ve been stuck with a small list of less then 1000 for years now. You feel frustrated and don’t know what to do to turn this around, and get real quality traffic to your website.

-You haven’t launched yourself, or your work online yet. You’ve been trying to put all the “pieces of the puzzle” together with other program’s, but you still don’t have a solid online presence, positioning, platform, or your “first client” yet.

-You’re tired of being “the best kept secret” and you often compare yourself to all the other guru’s. You’re afraid that your content won’t be as good, or valuable enough, and that you’ll never be able to make high quality videos. (like they do)

-Your business model is designed around working with one-on-one clients, and you’re still “trading your time for money.” You don’t know how to create a consistent monthly income, and sometimes you feel like giving up because it’s not happening as fast as you’d like. You feel exhausted, and you’d love to make big money like other’s do, so that you can have more time to do the things you love.

-You know you’re meant to do something big in this lifetime, and make a BIG difference, but you feel frustrated because you haven’t done it yet. You feel resistance, overwhelm, and or fear, and you don't know how it's ever going to really happen.

The Six Figure Video Impact Program is NOT for you if you are a chronic refunder and have no intention of taking any action.

Please save us both the time by not investing in the program because if that's you this program will be no different for you.

If you have poor work ethic, are lazy, have a victim &  "lack" mentality. (or you frequently blame others then this is not for you)

                                     This program is also not for you if you're not committed.

I'm going to give you the same strategies on how my clients and I have been able to generate millions of dollars in sales with the help of our videos (and I'm known for giving a ton away and not holding back).

The program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to attract clients globally, and build their brand with video. 

It's for entrepreneurs who refuse to settle, and who are determined to live their highest potential in this lifetime. 

The reality is you're online, you're reading this, and you know that adding videos to your marketing can dramatically help you to increase your sales. That’s why you’re perfect for the Six Figure Video Impact Training Program.


            But Don’t Just Take My Word For                   It. Here's What Other's Are Saying...
                             We did almost a million dollars in gross sales!
"We did almost a million dollars in gross sales! We have an entirely new brand now and a coaching business that has produced MULTIPLE Six figures. (that we never thought was possible) Maria is a genius. The formula is so simple, yet so effective. Thank you Maria!"

                 Jessica Higdon

                   Social Media Expert



              I've made over a hundred thousand dollars in less then a year
               and went from charging $100 an hour, to five figure clients.
"Before working with Maria I was spread out making $100 an hour as a life coach, yoga teacher, and network marketer. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I launched my first program and have so many new clients. I've made over a hundred thousand dollars in less then a year and went from charging $100 an hour, to five figure clients."
                               Camden Hoch Radiance Coach
        I now have over 300 new students and clients from over 25 countries. 
"I now have over 300 new students and clients from over 25 countries. I have over 5700 subscribers which is unheard of in my industry. My husband had so much fun refreshing the paypal button for our product launch, where we made $20,000 in one day alone."
                       Michelle Stewart Creator of







            “Sounds Great, Maria, But How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?”

It really won't cost you anything when you impliment this strategy.

Remember, it took me 20+ takes to do my first video properly. I literally spent days trying to figure it all out. That’s why I can confidently say that my program will shortcut your learning curve and help you get started in a fraction of the time it took me.

What is your time worth? What if my program could save you two, three, or four weeks of struggling and spinning your wheels? Would it be worth it to make 2 payments of $238 to “buy back” that time?

Consider also that the sooner you can get your first video up, the sooner you’ll be getting traffic — and potentially sales — from it. So there’s an opportunity cost as well. How much are you losing each day by NOT publishing your first training video?


                   Plus It Get’s Better, You’ll Also Get These                                      These Invaluable Bonuses…


          BONUS #1 My Six Figure Video Product Launch Secrets                                                                                          (value $1,000) 

The first bonus I want to give you is my Six Figure Video Product Launch Secrets Advanced Training which is a complete behind the scenes breakdown of 6 & 7 figure launch strategy & campaigns. You’ll learn exactly what you need to have in video one, two and threes of your video series, so that you can create a video series that sells itself, and I think you’re going to love it.

        BONUS #2  Video Testimonial Framework Formula                                                                                               (value $500)  

The second bonus I’m going to give you is my Video Testimonial Framework Formula & Reel to quickly help to increase your sales, and social proof. I’m going to give you an actual script and the exact questions that you can give to your clients or anyone that you would like to get a testimonial from. 

              BONUS #3  A Complimentary Ticket to my upcoming                                      LIVE Event       (value $1,997) 

 Another bonus that you’re going to get when you join the program, is free tuition and a ticket to my next live event, in sunny Florida.

This is my signature event where I reveal my most advanced marketing strategies, and walk you through step by step how to create a six figure business and brand, so that you can build momentum, and get there faster.   


Maria Andros


The good news is you won't have to invest that much, or even $10,000 like I once invested in a 5 day seminar. It won't be $5,000, or even $2,497 like some of our other programs. It won't even be $997.


                               But You Can Enroll Today For A Fraction Of That!

                   Your Investment Today: 

                    2 easy payments of $163

                        or $297 (pay in full)

                         (Save $200 Off The Regular Investment of $497)


                                                (Total Value: $5,500)

                                         Claim Your Spot and Save $200.00 Today! (for a  limited time)

                                      Your Investment Today:  2 easy payments of $163 or $297 (pay in full)                  

                                                     Yes, Sign Me Up Now

Even if you’re a complete newbie selling your product or service for a few hundred dollars, you'd only realistically have to make 1 to 2 sales to justify your investment in the program.

Yes, only 1 sale at a $400 price point, would justify you making this investment in your business. But when you multiply that x 10, 100, or even 1000, imagine the possibilities…

And with all the bonuses and what you’re about to learn, just think about how much that will be worth to you, and your business. (Unless you want to figure this out on your own, and continue to struggle, by not having video in your sales funnel.)

Here's What Just A Few Of Our Hundreds Of Graduates Are Saying About Their Experience With Our Training


"I feel so confident now in creating my own videos. Prior to meeting Maria I had only created one video, so I was a newbie. You won't find a more trustworthy, honest, sincere and passionate person. Maria is just the best and I highly recommend her."

Todd Davis 


"In under 30 days I added more then $75,000 to my marketing business using Maria's techniques."


Brian Williams


"It's a million dollar program, you have to do it!" I've been through a lot of programs, courses, and there's a lot of stuff out there. When Maria say's it's transformational, you better believe it. It's amazing." 

Jana Jorgenson


"I have learned tools that have been breakthroughs growing my successful business triple fold very quickly! What I especially like are the secrets I just couldn't figure out on my own."

Jacqueline Nichols


"Weeks after Maria's class I've had joint ventures that have brought me $9,000 in one day. The best part of her program is it has allowed me more time with my family!"

Zoe Deluca


















The reason I am offering this amazing program at this great investment is because I’m looking to create even more success                                                   stories...

I’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of my programs to happy clients, at the $1K to $100K range...                                                                                        
I realized that there are too many talented entrepreneurs struggling and stalling in making great videos that make money.

I’ve also had many people reach out and tell me that they want to work with me privately , and get coached by me, but they need to make a bit more money before they can do that.

I’ve intentionally priced this program at this incredibly affordable investment, so that you can start making awesome videos right away. This also gives you the chance to get a feel for my teaching style, and to earn your trust as a hopefully long term client.  My intention is if it’s a fit for both of us down the road, you might want to apply and become one of my private elite coaching clients, and one of my next success stories.

Remember, this special investment of $297 is very time sensitive. The price will go back up to its original price of $497 once this special offer expires.

                                                       Yes, Sign Me Up Now


    Of COURSE You're Protected By    My World Class Client Happiness Guarantee

 The Six Figure Video Impact Program Comes With A Full 30 Day Guarantee.

 We've had HUNDREDS of satisfied members go through the Six Figure Video Impact Program successfully.

Feel at ease go through the program, absorb all the high content video trainings, mp3's, transcripts, and pdf's.

If this program is not the most comprehensive training on video marketing you've experienced, simply email my team within 30 days, and we will give you your money back.

    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

  Total Value $5,500

     Your Investment Today: 

  2 easy payments of $163 
or $297 (pay in full)



This will be the most comprehensive 4 week video training program that you’ve ever gone through, and if by the end of the program you don’t believe its been the best training that truly helps you to get better in your video marketing, you can ask for your money back because all of our programs are guaranteed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Once you join the Six Figure Video Impact Program, you will receive a welcome email with your private membership login, and password.

There may be a part of you that might be thinking, I don’t know if I can do this. Well I’m here to say that you can do it. I'd be honored to support you in your video marketing journey.



P.S. I want you to imagine your life a year from now. Are you still stalling in making videos, or trying to figure out how to market with video by yourself? Or are you attracting clients, making money and the fear of making videos is gone, because you have a game plan, a proven formula… and a strategy? Your video breakthrough is literally one choice away.


P.P.S. Please note that you only have a limited time to invest at this incredibly affordable rate. If you're ready to move forward in your business, then reserve your spot while you can!


P.P.P.S. Remember, you ALSO get a FREE ticket to my live Event. This is a $1,997 bonus! Take advantage of this while you still can. Reserve your spot now. If a picture’s worth a thousand word’s, then your video’s worth a million…


Who is Maria Andros Buckley and Why Should You Listen to Her? 
Business Strategist Maria Andros Buckley, is recognized as one of the World’s Leading Authorities and Expert’s in Online Video Marketing and Personality Branding. Maria was named one of the Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs and the success of her online ventures has created a celebrity-like following resulting in over a million views to her videos, over 85 000 followers on social media, and millions of dollars in sales. Maria has been blessed to be a Guest Speaker on the world’s top stage’s such as Tony Robbins Business Mastery, and many more. 



                                                      Yes, Sign Me Up Now




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