Have you ever secretly had video envy?

You might be shocked that I just said that.

When I say video envy I mean you’re sitting at your computer, watching one of your favorite women entrepreneurs video’s.

It looks high end, professional, the sound is beautiful, her message is crisp, clean, and razor sharp to the point.

Her video is inspiring, it’s elegant and it makes you want to go optin to her mailing list on her website, register for her program, or reach out for private coaching.

I remember my very first launch the Social Media Traffic Blueprint where I had less then 3600 people on my list which is small compared to what we have now.

I knew I had to do something to separate myself from the pack and to stand out.

I hired a videographer.

I knew it was an investment but that it would pay off.

I generated a quarter of a million dollars in sales in less then 2 weeks with that launch. I know it’s crazy to believe that that’s actually possible.

I have almost eight years experience now in helping hundreds of my clients with their videos and even personally  helping them film their videos in San Diego with my own star team.

It’s amazing to see our client’s transformation and their before/after.

They come to me feeling insecure, not feeling like they look good on camera, no clue how to create a script that sells, and they leave feeling confident, with a high converting video that builds their list and makes them more money.

I want to share 4 simple steps with you today to help you find the right videographer or team to film a high quality video that converts, and that attracts new clients.

The mistake I see ambitious entrepreneurs make is they’re not investing in their videos.

Watch my latest video now to learn the rest.

They’re filming their home made videos, with bad sound, no lighting, and posting them on youtube.

They’re teaching about building a business but their backdrop in no way represents what they’re selling. It’s incongruent.

This can be quickly changed so that you can start growing your list, raising your rates and having your ideal client happily pay you what you’re worth by spending some time and money on this.

Here’s my coaching on how to find a great videographer

Step #1 Watch the videographer or cinematographer’s reel.

Do you like their work? Is it visually appealing? Chances are if you like it, your ideal clients will too.

Step # 2 is Ask for referrals or recommendations. I know that if a friend’s worked with a certain individual in the past and was happy then that takes a lot of the guess work out, and chances are you’re going to make a good decision that pays off.

Step #3 Be prepared, make sure you write a script and don’t just wing it.. A video must be strategic, you’re not doing it just to make people feel good. There needs to be an intention behind what you want your call to action to be, every time, in each video.

Step #4 is use a tele-prompter. I wish I had the tool I’m about to recommend when I was first getting started.

I’ve spent a lot of money and trial and error and this can literally cut your filming time in half.

The one I love is the teleprompter for the iPad from Prompter People.

I hope this video has helped you and I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below what did you like most from this video?

Can you now see yourself filming a high quality video that converts?

Did you get value from this video? 

Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to continuing this journey together in the next video.

Remember to claim the wealth you’ve been looking for, there’s only one place to look: Inside yourself. You have the talent. God’s given you the gift, You do the work. The answer is always you.



PS I would love to hear what your biggest aha and takeaway was, and what was most valuable to you. Please leave me your comment below.

Thank you in advance.

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7 Responses to “How To Find The Right Videographer To Film Your Video”

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  1. Amy

    Hi Maria,

    I think that videos, perhaps like art, might be more subjective as far as what appeals. I”m not a video expert (though I have created a couple of videos for my business) and I tend to prefer a more relaxed and authentic view of someone that reflects who they are. Maybe it’s an energetic vibe that is most important. Do you feel attracted to working with the person or not? That’s most important to me. Yes, the words need to be clear and crisp and to the point, but the visuals need to feel authentic and real.

    Clearly, your approach has worked for you, so that’s great. Just thought I’d toss in another perspective.


  2. Patricia

    The video was helpful. I was comfortable watching your expression. I felt like I could trust you.
    Thank you for the information on the teleprompter for the ipad prompter people. My next step is to do it and keep doing it until I am pleased, then put it out.

  3. Danielle Gibbons

    Hi Maria,
    I can’t believe you just sent me this video! I have been following your direction from the 6 figure video course and I have my videos done for my email capture page, and for You Tube, and am in the process of getting them up. I have decided to go for it and do a video course and just yesterday thought, you know I think I should make the investment and have some one shoot and edit the videos for the course. And here you are giving me the confirmation I needed. I love when Spirit provides loving validation for my dreams. Thanks Maria. You rock!
    Hugs, Danielle

  4. Susan

    I listened to a training where you said not to worry about how the video looks as long as you are sincere.

  5. Marc

    This was great! I loved watching your beautiful video and learning as I watched. I’m excited to get started making yoga videos and this has been helpful and in line with my sensibilities. I hope to one day meet you! Peace, Marc

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