I’m so grateful for all of our new clients from all over the globe who have joined us in my new program Six Figure Video Impact.

The feedback has been truly awesome!

I’m getting ready to host my private clients who are flying in from all over the world for business strategy, and to grow their business faster.

I wanted to share our newest video with you.

Have you ever wanted to create a program of your very own that sells, a program that you’re known for, that delivers massive value to your clients, where you’re seen as an Instant Expert and Visionary Leader?

In this pure content video training, I’m going to share 5 strategic steps to creating a program that sells, and what you absolutely must have in your marketing, to make sure that you generate as many sales as possible and big momentum for your business.

Click below to watch the video now:

In my newest episode I’m also going to reveal the 3 biggest mistake’s I see entrepreneurs making when creating a program.

This is like playing russian roulette, and guessing that you think you know what your ideal client would want.

I want you to know that you absolutely can create your own signature program that sells with the right strategy.

Enjoy the newest video!



PS. I would love to hear your biggest takeaway from today’s training. Please let me know what is your #1 biggest challenge when it comes to creating or launching your program? I’ll be reading each and every comment.

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7 Responses to “How To Create A “Signature Program” That Sells”

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  1. Bob

    Hi Maria! I discovered a breakthrough in cancer, and am excited to incorporate your wisdom in getting the word out. Thanks!

  2. Maria

    I coach women to achieve permanent weight loss thorough a whole foods lifestyle and mindset shift . My biggest take-away is that I really need to work up my Ideal client avatar and do a survey to help me tweek the program I have right now . I knew for quite a while I needed to do this . But when you described how much money is in the right words , that got me ! Thanks so much for all you do!!!

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