Have you ever opened up your inbox, you’re getting ready for your day and all of a sudden you see an email from another woman entrepreneur that you admire and that you’re following…

She’s just had a million dollar launch, and she’s crushing it.

Instead of staying focused on what you’re up, to and what you’re doing in your business and life, you feel worse off then before you opened up the email.
Your heart sinks, and you start beating yourself up thinking that you should be farther off then you are.

My newest video addresses how to overcome this once and for all…

click play to watch the video now

This is how you too can start being an Influencer where people are watching YOU for your next move instead. (instead of vice versa)

It all starts with you.

That’s why I’ve created this video to challenge you to make a few changes so that you can claim the wealth you’ve been looking for and the impact on the world that you want to make.

Isn’t it time that you got your message out into the world even in your perfect imperfection…



PS I would love to hear what your biggest aha and takeaway was, and what was most valuable to you.

P.P.S For the very first time I’m going to introduce you to my family in a video next monday and share how I went from some really dark nights of the soul to turning it all around. I think it will really open up your eyes and give you new hope of what’s possible for you.

Talk soon!

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10 Responses to “Have You Ever Struggled With Comparasitis”

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  1. Kim "Kymlee" Ross

    Yes Maria! I’ve totally had this feeling before, and boy does it suck…thanks for the video. When I worked on my heart, and stayed consistent – my breakthrough happened 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Such a wonderful video. I am inspired to stay in my lane and to run my race. Thanks Maria.

  3. Cathy Wagner

    Love this teaching Maria. My biggest aha was to pray for the person I am secretly jealous of. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the challenge! God bless you for your willingness to speak the truth to us all. 🙂 xo to you and your family.

  4. Jenny Sung

    Beautiful message and so encouraging. Sometimes people need a reminder that we are more than we were and can be more than we are. Thanks 🙂

  5. Cassandra

    Maria, this was a great reminder that where I am is to do my own choices and I can make a different choice at anytime to have what I truly desire.

  6. Lenka

    I felt this yesterday. When I started receiving all these emails bombarding us with all these successful people. Everybody is trying to teach us something but it is becoming too much as everyone seems to be selling on the bigger dream claiming that they have got it.

  7. Denise

    I can’t wait to see your video with your family. I met you at your brothers, bday party many years ago at your parents house.

  8. Joy Timmons

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for the information you gave me earlier. I am now getting the content together for me start doing my videos. I also want to congratulations on your business.

  9. Natalie Hill

    This message was very encouraging. I especially love how you remind us of what God has for us–and to live with the mindset of choice not chance; to face our fears and to not withhold what God has placed inside of us. We are meant to help others through what we have overcome and learned from. We are not meant to hold that inside of us.

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