I just got back from speaking at my dear friend’s Lisa Sasevich’s where I met some amazing entrepreneurs. What a blessing.

Since my recent wedding (it was magical), and with my upcoming live events this fall, things are going a lot faster…

I’ve been speaking to a lot of talented entrepreneurs lately and one big problem they are facing is their email list is too SMALL.

Not having a big enough email list of qualified prospects and buyers affects  everything. I want to help you turn this around without having to spend money on expensive advertising.

There are a lot of teachers teaching how to build monster lists but they don’t convert because they’re  not pre-qualifying their buyers. (big mistake)

I wanted to share this pure content video with you today, to help you see that you can change this quickly if you’re willing to do the work to start seeing new results.

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated at the rate that you’re growing and not enough people are saying yes to your offer, or maybe you don’t even have an offer yet but you want to build your list then pay special attention to 4:30 in this video.

You’ll learn how to quickly attract qualified new buyers and have them chase you, instead of vice versa.

You’ll also learn how to avoid wasting money on a “brochure” website that doesn’t convert.

Whether you have no email list make sure you watch the 5:42 mark where this one question if implemented can make you a million dollars in the next 3 years.

Please leave me your comment and let me know what you think!



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5 Responses to “Learn How To Quickly Attract Qualified New Buyers And Have Them Chase You, Instead Of Vice Versa”

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  1. Teri

    thanks Maria,

    great video. I really appreciate the insights about strong titles. that’s an area that I’ve overlooked- no one has covered. And I have been working so hard to tighten up my brand– after having struggled for several years, feeling like I’d done all the “things” the experts were saying… but not quite “figuring it out”… so it’s really encouraging to hear from people who are showing, clearly, not just the end result– but the process that got them from A to B:)


  2. Maria Serbina

    Fabulous Maria, thank you so much for great tips and reminders. I get distracted some times by creating content that I forget about reverse engineering , what I really want my prospective clients to do at the end. Split test is great tool. Again I forget about it sometimes. My question: do you use the same key words/phrases from video to video? Does it make sense to put all keywords together (ex. anti-aging, cellulite, extra-weight ) even though my video is about anti-aging and not particular about cellulite or extra-weight, but I want to target people w cellulite or extra-weight? I hope my question makes cense:) love, Maria

  3. Blake

    Great intro video to the topic. Work the wordsmithing all the way through. Test, Tweak, Track & Triplicate ;)-
    Warmly, Blake, Indy

  4. Mark

    Thanks Maria!

    Lot’s of times, you get so caught up in all of the hype, that you forget just how profitable and vital, simply consistently applying the proven fundamentals are, to your long term success!

    A 54% opt in rate is killer! For sure! Thanks for sharing your powerful insights!

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