Quick pregnancy update…

We just decorated the baby’s room, and my husband’s family is flying in from Boston this weekend for his cousin’s wedding in La Jolla. Exciting times for sure 🙂

Have you ever experienced a moment in your past, where you felt shame because you took yourself out of the game?

Do you ever feel like you’re still struggling to build or grow your business, and that you have some resistance still in the way?

Or maybe you think you should be farther ahead then you are by now, and your competitors are building a meaningful 6 or 7 figure business faster then you.

If so I think you’re really going to love my latest video and today’s episode, where

I share something really personal that tormented me my entire life…

watch the video now and get the insider scoop

At the 4:54 mark if you get this one thing from this video it can shift everything, and it’s the difference from being an amateur or a pro.

Enjoy and talk soon!



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8 Responses to “How To Stop Struggling & Build A Meaningful 6 Figure Business”

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  1. tracy

    GIRL I couldn’t even fet through the entire video because there was so much truth. I had to go walk it off and let the first half sink in so that I could listen to the second half. Incredible insight!

    • Maria Andros

      Tracy wow that is profound thank you so much for sharing. It’s literally how I was able to grow my business and I help my clients move out of resistance. Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate you! 🙂 Blessings, M

  2. Steve Siegwalt

    Maria, I have been watching your growth over the last few years and I must say, you are one of Gods wonderful gifts. You speak from your heart, living and giving testament to the rich blessings you richly deserve. You have worked hard, traveled far and now are ready for another wonderful journey, parenting! You will be a great Mother just like my wonderful wife of 32yrs is to our four incredible kiddos. Gods blessings to you and Mr Buckley!!

  3. Connie

    You’re either in resistance or momentum – Wow! How astute you are! That is so true and it made me realize that’s what has been going on with me. I’ve allowed myself to be pulled from one to the other. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!! (from a fellow Cdn.) Connie

    • Maria Andros

      Connie! That is so awesome that you recognize this now. That is the first step awareness and now you can choose to change this like many of my clients do. You are so welcome my fellow Canadian! See you in the next episode. Blessings, M

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