Have you ever wondered how the top Industry Visionary Leader’s have these huge email lists, successful product launches, one after the other back to back, and they’re able to fill up their programs with ease and grace it seems?

You might even feel frustrated, worried or guilty, that you’re doing something wrong, and not getting there as fast as you’d like.

I want to have a heart to heart and reveal one of their biggest success secrets and my personal success secret, to making over a million in sales, and the answer may surprise you…

In today’s episode you’ll discover why being vulnerable in your marketing, can make you more money then you might even think is possible.

*Pay extra close attention to 5:45 and how big multi million corporations use this strategy to increase their sales quickly…

I also want to thank you for all the love, and your comments on my new videos and website. We’re so excited to share more pure value and content to help you get there faster.

Please leave me your comment below and let me know what did you like, learn, and or what you can impliment right away to make a difference in your business!

Talk soon!



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17 Responses to “How To Make Money With Your Story And Surpass Your Competition”

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  1. azam

    Hi Maria I love your story and enrgy and success and i am happy for your success, you are beautiful inside out thank you for your information it is very honestly talk thank you.

  2. Rev. Quenton

    GREAT VIDEO Maria! I wrote down each of the 4 steps that and I am going to put them into practice. I have a Google Hangout recording tomorrow where we are talking about TEAM BUILDING and I am going to mention you and your content! Thanks-a-MILLION!
    Rev. Q!

  3. David Neff

    Wow…amazing video Maria!
    This video just turned on big light bulb above my head. Your advice is so spot on as to what I need I need to do to take my niche website to the next level. I just need to tell my story….how simple is that. I promote a product in the health and natural healing industry on my site. I have been making consistent sales, but I have not really been able to connect with my potential customers. Making a “My Story” video is what I now MUST do to make that connection and let visitors to my site know that I am just a normal guy who is trying to help them with their medical problem.
    Thanks so much for putting out such great content 🙂 Now it’s time to make that video about My Story and get it published on my website. I cant’ wait to see my website move that next level of success.

    Thanks again for your generosity,
    David Neff

  4. Diana Marchand

    Great video! I too am a Canadian – live on Vancouver Island. What I learned which I am going to do is to show my audience my lifestyle – me at home. I do lots of videos from home but going to do some “real” ones and show some places I love to go, hangout, eat, what I bring to eat to beach (I help people eat healthier), things like that. That is giving me so many ideas. Thanks so much! Also, I haven’t spent much time giving my whole story because I always felt I wanted it to be about “them” not “me” but I can see how it would help.

  5. janika creeks

    All i can say is confirmation been wanting to share the real me but in my industry being vulnerable can be frowned upon. Thank you for sharing Maria you are beautiful and i love your spirit.

  6. Biba Pedron

    Perfect time, since I will have to tell my story at my first live event this weekend.

    Thanks for the inspiration and to show me the way step by step.


  7. Tim

    Hi Maria,

    Great video!

    Two things have slowed me down on a variety of occassions & I would appreciate your thoughts on solutions.

    Creating a new live entrepreneur peer grp.
    After leaving the 9 to 5 & no desire to go back, I’ve found that I need to be around other likeminded creative people or I run out of steam, past 9 to 5 friends mean well but can’t relate to what I’m doing & new lifestyle. I’ve already tried many Chamber of commerce venus but their more focused on brick & mortar vs online pursuits.

    Other wwould be how did you finance yourself into this new business when making your life switch to dream biz?


    San Francisco Bay Area, CA

  8. Kristina

    Thanks Maria!
    I had a huge set back today and watching this video let me know that even super successful women like you have had those days too.

    You are an inspiration and I hope to be on your stage someday!

  9. Debbie

    Great video Maria. I can certainly relate to the information you shared. I’ve managed to develop a training program that is a stumper to market on the grounds of my “personal” experience. Love what you had to say.

  10. Liz M Raymond

    Thank you for sharing this! I do have a story and was always hesitant to share it for fear of being judged. As I am building my business I am still figuring out how to offer what I am offering – especially since it is so much different from my first business. I will be taking time to figure out how to incorporate what I learned from the first business to grow my new business. I know it is time to share my story. Thank you!!

  11. Sj

    Just discovered your amazing gifts on videos and would love to watch this one but it says not available ? Where can I view what you said ??looking forward to more as I had been waiting for perfect time, looking ok, and a multitude of excuses to jot get videos out there. I gave it up finally a few weeks ago and am getting more comfortable getting my message and transforming lives as a change agent for people and animals across the globe ! I loo forward to more from you thank you Sarah Jane

  12. Steve Sherman

    Thank you for such great information! I am putting together my “Brand” as we speak, and you confirmed everything that I am doing, and provided me with confidence that I am headed in the right direction…You Rock! 🙂

  13. Mark

    Thanks Maria!

    It’s funny how you can kinda of instinctively know something, but not be able to really articulate it, until a trusted expert does it for you!

    Then just like a light bulb, you just see and instantly understand it!

    Thanks so much for not only simplifying your incredibly powerful four step process, but sharing it as well!

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