I feel so blessed. Last weekend I married the love of my life in a beautiful ocean ceremony with close family and friends.

It felt like a fairy tale and we celebrated in style at the Grand Del Mar. Can’t wait for you to see the pics on Facebook! I could not be happier with all my new clients joining me from all over the world for the Video Conversion Formula and our upcoming live event this December.

Have you ever struggled with the right words to say in your marketing, or how to connect to your ideal client, and you can’t afford to hire an expensive copywriter to create your copy to attract new clients now…

I see way too many talented entrepreneurs trying to wing it and guessing, and it doesn’t have to be so hard when you have this information.

Once you figure this out everything gets easier, your marketing, your message, selling happens without you having to force anything. Your ideal clients jump to the front of the line and literally pre-qualify themselves and say YES.

Inside this video I’m literally going to reveal the exact process I personally use to have generated over a million and to continue to fill up my group coaching programs and private Mastermind.

I highly suggest you take 3 minutes of your day to watch this short video.

It can literally mean the difference of failure and success online.



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  1. Miles

    Great insight for using a simple service to implement and evaluate current clients. I have typically done this verbally and it is hard to remember everything that comes out of asking but this gets them writing about the next ideas that I need to write down in a post or even a product.
    To your health and success

  2. maria

    Maria, thank you for great reminder about survey. so some reason lots entrepreneurs afraid of surveys. they don’t like to ask and prefer to guess. i have fear.of asking too but i learned

    to love surveys because they give me wants and desires

  3. Blake

    It get’s really old that women business owners use “want to empower women” in their profiles. Women are quite empowered to the point that this ideology starts to make men irrelevant. Just be a mentor to people in your Pinterest profile.

  4. Walter

    When I listen to your videos, you seem to light a spark from some insight you give, that in turn opens the door to all sorts of ideas. Thanks, and congratulations on your wonderful wedding. May it last for eternity!

  5. Teri

    thanks Maria,

    that’s a great suggestion. Do you have suggestions for people who are still building their lists and followings?
    And suggestions to go with that, to help the non-follower(?) be interested enough to be willing to complete a quick survey?


    Teri D.

  6. grace (@GCRozankovic)

    Awesome Maria, I am currently a student of yours truly and love all the value you provide on your blog and behind the scenes… oops just realised i should be on a live call with you… lol

  7. Laura Geisbüsch

    Hi Maria,
    THank you for your video!
    You are absolutely right: Surveys are best to figure out, what my customers want. I did the same and asked my followers to fill out my survey and that survey gave me the idea for my own first product.

  8. Mark

    Hi Maria!

    Big fan of your video tutorials! First of all big congrats on finding and marrying your life’s true soul mate!

    Way to go! Thank you for sharing the rather simple and straight forward answer to one of my marketing messages biggest challenges!

    And thanks for elaborating on how figuring this out, is a gateway to lower upfront cost and a much higher qualified more targeted clientele! Thanks for sharing!

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